Clients & Cases

There are many situations where GPS Challenge can be used. For example as event, as a project start-up, as team building with specific focus or even leadership training with focus on behavior.

Here below you can see different videos that will give you an idea about how you can use it in your specific case.

Client: SiriusPartner

Siriuspartner is using GPS Challenge for single events and as part of longer leadership seminars. See in the video below how GPS Challenge can be promoted towards customers.

Case: Women’s National Football Team

GPS Challenge were contacted by the coach of the national team. He wanted to make a teambuilding activity that would strike the right balance between physical challenge and teamwork while adding some energy and humour to the team during the preparations.

Case: Murder case
Odense Public Library used GPS Challenge to make a murder riddle in the Danish city Odense (where Hans Christian Andersen lived). The routes, checkpoints and assignments were designed to describe a historical murder. The teams would be presented with information and riddles during the game. At the final checkpoints they were able to give the name of the murderer, if they had solved the riddles and gathered the enough information.