GPS Challenge – The game

GPS Challenge combines communication and competition with a range of higly demanding problem solving tasks and physical activity.

This combination forms the perfect base for a rousing experience and a leads to a team discussion and learning related to communication, motivation, goal setting, roles, responisibilities and more that can be related to everyday work.

The setup
The group is divided into teams of 4 persons. For each team 2 are sitting in the Control Center with a laptop and there are 2 Agents outside.

Goal – Competition
The goal of the game is to score most points which are given for finding waypoints and solving assignments.
(The teams are highly motivated by the competition)

Finding Waypoints
They waypoints are only visible on the laptops inside the Control Center so the the Agents have to get directions from the team mates inside.
(Requires overview, map reading and ability to communicate direction to the Agents)

Live Tracking
The Agents are tracked so the they are visible on the map inside and the assignments can be released when the Agents reach the waypoints. (See example here)
(Including mobile and tracking technology makes it more motivating and exiting for the participants)

Solving Assignments
Information for the assignments are shared between the guys inside and the Agents. Therefore, the assignments can only be solved in cooperation between the Agents and the guys inside.
(It requires problem solving skills as well as good and clear communication to solve the assignments)

The team communicates using mobil phones when the need to find waypoints and solve assignments.
(Only verbal communication is possible and the team has to work out how this is best done)

Two halfs
GPS Challenge is played in two half so all participants get to take on the different roles outside and inside.
(In the pause between the two half there is a need for thorough knowledge sharing restarting with new roles and responsibilities)

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